The Third Class of 1960, 57 Year Reunion - Reservoir High School

The third re-union of the class of 1960 was held on Monday 14th October 2017 at the Old England Hotel, 459 Lower Heidelburg Rd, Heildelburg at 11.00am.  The re-union covered all students who were in the class that started in 1956 and ended in fifth form in 1960.  If you were a student in any of those years you were most welcome.  It is hard to believe that 7 years have passed since the first fifty year re-union.  Liz Baker said of the reunion; "Our Reunion meeting in October was very  enjoyable & brings to mind how fortunate most of us are to have lasting friendships with many school friends who played a major part in our formative school years. An email later in the New Year will indicate proposed dates for our next reunion in 2018, as requested by many at this year's gathering."

Second Class of 1960, 55 Year Reunion at Reservoir High School

The second re-union of the class of 1960 was held on Monday 14th September 2015 at RHS and followed by a lunch at the Bundoora Hotel.  

 Information from the 50 Year Reunion of the Class of 1960

This page summarizes the re-union held on Monday 30th August 2010 at RHS and followed by a lunch at the Bundoora Hotel for all those who were in the class that started in 1956 and ended in fifth form in 1960.

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We are had a fantastic reunion of the third group to go through RHS with about 40 ex-students attending.  The group started in 1956 in 1st Form and completed Form 5 in 1960 if they stayed that long.  It was a 50 year reunion for the Class of 1960.  The programme started with an introduction by Assistant Principal, Andree Poulter.   Then each ex-student and one teacher gave a 1 minute summary of their life after RHS.  About half way through the summaries we stopped for a magnificent morning tea supplied by the school.  The noise was deafening as we broke into groups to recount old times.  After morning tea, the summaries continued.  I cannot hope to convey the pleasure we had hearing how each person progressed after they left the school.  We made a video and will look at it in due course.  We then had a tour of the school escorted by some of the current students. This was followed by a group photograph. A donation box resulted in $350 being raised for the school.  After the morning at the College, we adjourned to Bundoora Hotel in Plenty Rd for a lunch, and spent the afternoon chatting.


Here are some comments:


Thank you for including me in your re-union.  I had a wonderful day and was impressed with the personal achievements of those present.  As a former teacher I was touched by the number of people who told me that I had made a difference to their education, and how they enjoyed my subject classes.  I will treasure the occasion.  I recently attended my 60th Re-union at Melbourne high School.  Somehow I doubt I will be a starter at the RHS 60th, but I can always hope! 

 Thanks again,   Don Sinclair    


Without doubt everyone enjoy themselves.  Things that impressed me:

How positive everyone was about ‘life’ and what it dealt them

How many had kept in touch over the 50 years

How people had succeeded in their chosen path in life

Meeting kids from school days and being able to connect 50 years on

Bringing back memories, theirs’ and mine

How many kids had gone to Duffy Street Primary school and I didn’t remember them

I was reading the book, Fifty Years of secondary Education at Plenty Road Reservoir, if you go to page 15, the last paragraph which starts ‘1963 saw the end of Mr Slattery’s principalship’ and read on, Mr Slattery was concerned that the school wasn’t giving the kids the best education for the real world.  If he is alive today he could take pride in the fact that the ‘Year of 1960’ ‘kids’ had gone on to succeed in life and isn’t that what teaching is about, even for parents.

....Cheers Lyn Hanvey


I need to go on record as having totally enjoyed yesterday’s reunion. Thank you so much.

Keith Gordon


The nostalgia of the day was almost overwhelming, particularly for me who had been out of any loop for many decades. This was proven by me getting lost on the way to the pub. Fancy not being able to find a pub!!!  Your efforts were clearly rewarded by the happy faces and the anecdotes which abounded until about 5.30. ……. It was great that Don Sinclair attended. Many fond memories of our Air Cadet times. I will treasure the memories of yesterday, and look forward to the next one, God willing.
Thank you Rod Ely


It was great to see the old school, and class; it was also great to see how well everybody had done despite a few high hurdles in some lives, but most of all it was great to see that they all had such a positive attitude to life.  Hope we all catch up again before the final roll call.

Colin White


Thank you again for a wonderful day to remember and reflect our time at Reservoir High School.

Kind Regards,  Ferial


A wonderful day.  I asked Wayne Stevens what he will take away from today and he thought it a good question.  So I'll start the ball rolling:  What did we take away from today?

The loveliest impression is that we beheld each other with kindness and affection.

And underneath that a mutual understanding that life throws up blessings and difficulties.

They're my initial impressions and no doubt many more will come crowding in the coming days.

Warmest regards, Christine Borgeest (nee Dickins)


You must feel thrilled at the success of today's Reunion. There was much joy as people reconnected. High school days are certainly very formative. I hope the afternoon progressed as happily over lunch.  Our student helpers enjoyed their interactions with you all.  I would like to express the thanks of the school for the $350 that was donated by you and your friends. If you have particular ideas on how you would like us to spend the money, please feel free to email me with suggestions.

 If I can assist in any way in the future -perhaps a 60th Reunion - please let me know,

Andree Poulter, Assistant Principal.


Just a brief note to say thankyou for yesterday.  It was a magnificent get together and wonderful to reminisce and reunite with people with whom one has not seen for many, many, years but who had an influence on one's life because of that early association.

Don C 



Class 3A at Reservoir High School 1958




Back Row: James (Jimmy) Ecomomou, John Blamey, Keith Gordon, Terry Davies, Robert Grainger, Garry Cowman, Rodney Ely, Michael Ecomomou, Peter Aitken, Wayne Fitzsimons.

Middle Row: - -, - -, Barry Cogle, Keith Box, Roger Clarke, Peter Bailey, Peter Coomes, Kevin Ellis, Arnold Eddington, David Frazer, Billy Culph, Ian Cameron, Warren Gibbs.

Front Row: Kerrie Gilmour, Faye Howell, - -, Janice Carkeek, Donetta Alexander, Pam Javie, Carol Davidson, Elizabeth McRae, Janet Cogle, Helen Jackson, Marcelle Economou, Elaine Goodwin, Shirley Harvey, June Jenkins.


Class 3S at Reservoir High School 1958



Back Row: Carole Hepburn, Isabel Hubbard, Lorraine Brough, Kay Golding, Margaret Cox, Margaret Britton, Edna Cockrell, Beryl Clerk, Lynette Hanvey, Jeanette Harrison

Second Row: Dawn Davey, Yvonne Marley, Glennis Geak, Gay Harvey, Marney Gatehouse, Christeen Dickins, Shansh Jansen, Riki Kafka, Edith Cameron, Coral Balom

Front Row:  Janice Dickson, Dianne Gilligan, Lynette Hunt, Dianne Gwenda, Julia Dellsoppo, Caroline Leith, Lorraine Davies, Lynette Jones, Beverly Decker, Rosland Archer



Class 3Z at Reservoir High School 1958




Back Row: Possibly Laurie Plunket, John Harford, Robert Hammond, Helmut Winzler, Laurie Hudson, Barry Shallard, Lindsay Williams, Graeme Lewis, possibly Graeme Davis, Leonas Grylas :

Second Row: Trevor Wood, Graeme Maskiell, Doug Holding, Ron Mills, Ian Tullock, Robert Lovell, Thomas Unger, Rod Kirby, Tommy James, Ken Mawdsley, Alan Grundy, Wayne Stevens, David Stanley

Front Row:  Janice King, Ferial Moustafa, Barbara Trigger, Coral Parsons, Jean Russell, Lynette Smith, Glenis Smith, Jennifer Simpson, Heather MacIntyre, Annette McGrory, Gaynor Wagstaff, Janet Snooks, Val Sunderland, Diane Mitchelmore.

Absent Tony Townsend, Kathleen Smith..



The Reservoir High School 1960 fifth form break-up party at 21 Wilkinson St. Reservoir.


Back Row : Ken Mawdsley, Graeme Maskiell, Lindsay Williams, Keith Gordon, Barry Cogle, Don Casey

Centre Row: Joan Thomas, Elaine Goodwin, Kerry Gilmor, Dianne Mitchelmore, Margaret Thompson?, Faye Howell, John Harford, Julie Delzoppo

Front Row : Wayne Stevens, Laurie Hudson and Ferial Moustafa.





The Reservoir High School banner hanging on the back of our lounge room door.  Mavis Williams made this from felt and I believe the school still has it.

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